Personalised video retargeting
on Youtube for e-commerce
Our automated platform drives cost-effective traffic with CR 6% from Youtube
Imagine you want to buy a robot cleaner. You spend some time browsing a product page of an online-store. You are not sure yet, so you navigate to Youtube to distract and watch some videos.

Surprisingly, you see a fullscreen video ad on Youtube with exactly that robot cleaner you have eyed before, describing its key features. The video is encouraging you to get back to shopping with a single click.

If you decide to click that button, there‚Äôs a 6% chance that you complete the purchase.
To get Youtube ads work well like that, two things are necessary:

1. Set up and control as many advertising campaigns as there are products in your online-store.

2. Have a video ad ready for every product.

This is virtually impossible to be done manually. But this is what our automated platform does easily. Managing thousands of products/videos/campaigns with it is effortless and efficient.

Case Study
During the course of 30 days bounced visitors of, who were interested in Samsung A52 smartphone, saw this video ad on Youtube. You can see the metrics for this ad campaign below:

reach impr views clicks cost conv revenue CTR CR CPA ROAS
5 400 30 000 4 000 270 $520 16 $5 544 6.8% 5.93% $33 10.6x

More cases are in progress now.
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