Instant rendering
of translated video ads
Our technology significantly reduces
time & money spent by motion-designers
Do you buy traffic from different geos? Creating international versions of video ads makes your motion designer do numerous mechanical manipulations.

Copy-paste, copy-paste, copy-paste, copy-paste, run render, wait, repeat. The more languages and sizes you need for a single creative — the more time he spends on these boring things.

Our customers spent up to 25% of their motion designers working hours, until they started working with us.
Our special software instantly renders translated versions of video ads. The workflow is really simple:

1. Send us your After Effects project (collect)

2. Attach translations

3. Have your translated creatives ready in 4 hours

Customers & Cases

13 languages × 5 sizes

9 languages × 4 sizes
for one creative
(10 languages × 5 sizes max)
— Can you do that all with 3 languages and 2 sizes?
— Sure, but the price doesn't depend on the number of languages and sizes.

— Can you do translations on your side?
— Yes, on your special request.

— Do you have any special requirements for the After Effects project?
— All texts should be editable. And all the needed sizes should be ready.

— Can you sign NDA?
— Of course.

— What is the price if we have 10+ languages?
— Let's talk.

— Is it possible to try your service for free?
— Drop us a line, and we'll see what we can do.

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